Precast, Prestressed Hollowcore Plank for Floors and Roofs

Spancrete® hollowcore plank has been used for more than one billion square feet of floor and roof construction worldwide. It is the most economical way to obtain long spans with minimal depth and a capacity for heavy loads. Plank provides flat ceiling and floor surfaces, high fire ratings and excellent acoustical properties. Spancrete plank is extruded on beds up to 800 feet long, in 40- to 96-inch width and 4- to 16-inch thicknesses. After curing, plank is cut to specified lengths.More InformationSpancrete Hollowcore

Spancrete Wall Panels

Many Spancrete producers offer precast prestressed concrete wall panels manufactured similarly to Spancrete plank. These economical panels are available with a variety of basic raked or ribbed patterns, with or without reveals, and ready for stain or paint. Upgraded finishes can include special concrete mix designs with textures such as exposed aggregate or sandblasting. Insulation is sandwiched between the concrete wythes, and panels can be used as load-bearing walls.More InformationSpancrete Wall Panels

Structural Systems

Spancrete structural systems consist of precast, prestressed columns and beams, spandrels, double tees and often wall panels.

A total precast system makes it easy for the architect to meet requirements for long spans, fire resistance and heavy loads. Total precast systems erect faster than any other structural system – faster than steel, faster than cast-in-place.

Like Spancrete hollowcore plank, all structural components are manufactured under strict specifications and procedures, with high-efficiency, automated productions methods, under rigidly controlled plant conditions.More InformationPrecast Products
Beams & Columns
Double Tees

Architectural Concrete

For projects that require distinctive exterior faces, some SMA producers offer architectural concrete elements incorporating custom shapes and a virtually unlimited variety of colors, aggregates and textures.More InformationCustom Products

Spancrete RibSlab Flooring

The Spancrete RibSlab Flooring System is produced using the same time-tested Spancrete slip former machine that has been used to build high-quality structures around the world for over 65 years. This new innovative precast design produces a flooring system that offers a slim floor depth that is lightweight and robust all at the same time. The thin design reduces foundation and project costs; while also providing perfect placement options for a variety of machancials. The innovative design of our RibSlab Flooring System allows for a reduced floor thickness and allows for more levels within the same building height. This proven technology is engineered with your bottom line in mind.More InformationRibSlab Flooring System