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Computerized Structural Design S.C.
Structural Engineering firm with a strong emphasis in precast concrete and industrial facilities.

Contact: Gary Householder
8989 N Port Washington Road
Milwaukee, WI 53217

Phone: 414-351-5588
Fax: 414-351-4617
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Ecoratio B.B.Ecoratio B.B.

Ecoratio specializes in developing and supplying envirnomental friendly release agents for all concrete applications.


Contact: Michael Hollebenders -

Industrieweg 161
Rotterdam, The Netherlands ZH, 3044 AS

Phone: +31 88 - 22 44 440
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Grove Products, Inc.
Manufacturer of rugged, inexpensive, convenient leveling and allignment aids. Shims are made in USA factory located in Leominster, MA.

Contact: David Braune
17 Marquerite Ave
P.O. Box 240
Loeminster, MA 01453

Phone: 978-534-5188
Fax: 978-840-4130
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Sika Corporation is a technology leader with over 100 years of experience in concrete materials and restoration technology.  The concrete division of Sika offers a full range of high quality chemical admixtures for Ready-Mix, Precast, Dry-Cast and the Tunneling & Mining industry.  Sika's product line includes water reducers, accelerators, retarders, air entrainers and a wide range of specialty admixtures. In the last few decades, Sika has developed various innovative products and provided technical solutions to meet the needs of the concrete indutry.  Sika's sales and technical offices support our customers nationwide. 

Please visit the Sika Corporation Construction Products Division website at


Patrick O' Brien -

Andrew Pearson -

Todd Spindler -


1515 Titanium Drive
Ottawa, IL 61350

Phone: 815-431-1080
Visit them at:

Spancrete Global ServicesSpancrete Global Services

Spancrete is a complete production and material handling system which results in more efficient and profitable production of precast, prestressed hollowcore concrete planks and wall panels. The over half a billion square feet of Spancrete� hollowcore plank and wall panels installed over the last half century have made our precast concrete products the number one choice of builders. The patented Spancrete� machine design allows producers to manufacture superior precast hollowcore plank and wall panels, while enjoying the flexibility of the low maintenance equipment.

Contact: Terry Dittrich or Edward Gross
N16 W23415 Stoneridge Drive
Waukesha, WI 53188

Phone: 414-290-9000
Fax: 414-290-9130
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St. Mary's CementSt. Mary's Cement

Cement Supplier. A Manufacturer of Portland cement - type III, masonry, and slag products.

Contact: Greg Horbach -

Contact: Greg Horbach
35700 90th Place
Twin Lakes, WI 53181

Phone: 262-818-5415
Fax: 262-877-4787

Tuckers Machine & Steel Service, Inc.Tuckers Machine & Steel Service, Inc.

Manufacturer the T-630 Concrete Transporter and CustomForms for the Precast/Prestress Industry.

Contact: Don Galbreath

Contact: Don Galbreath
P.O. Box 492810
Leesburg, FL 34749-2810

Phone: 352-787-3157
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Fisher, Inc.Fisher, Inc.
Supplier of aggregate, pigments, form and surface retarder, armor guard-505, plastic wheels and chairs, silcone caulk, form release, panel pads, corner guards, etc.

Contact: Chris Fister or George Alewel
1150 Lyon Rd
Batavia, IL 60510

Phone: 800-542-7393
Fax: 630-761-0108
Visit them at:

JVI, Inc.JVI, Inc.

Connections - Bearing pad, slotted inserts, flange connectors, embedded plates, plastic shims, hidden connections

Contact: Todd Adams or James Voss
169 N. Hampshire
Elmhurst, IL 60126

Phone: 630-530-1809
Fax: 630-563-0682
Visit them at:

StormTrap, LLCStormTrap, LLC

Stormtrap is committed to providing cost-effective storm-water management solutions to engineers, owners and municipalities that are customized to each individual site's needs.  Whether you need to slow or reduce volume from your project site, protect waterways and maintain stprm-water qualit, or hold water for harvesting or reuse, StormTrap's storm-water manageme systems can address your needs ithon customized system.  Backed by StormTrap's unmatched lifetime warranty, our 100% strucuturally independent design allows easy access fr maintenance through customized, modular designs.  These storm-water management system reduced overall footprin, accommadate site restraints and lower overall costs.  whether you are concerned about detention, retention or rainwater harvesting, StormTrap has a design that will meet your specifc needs.

Contacts: Sandeep Ramchandran  -

Matthew Kamenick -




2495 W. Bungalow Rd.
Morris, IL 60450

Phone: 815-941-4663
Fax: 815-416-1100
Visit them at:

W.R. Grace & Co.W.R. Grace & Co.
Admixture supplier to the precast/prestressed industry. In addition to admixtures, Grace is the leading supplier of specialty products. These products can not only help reduce your production costs but also improve the durability and add value to your products. Products include: self-compacting-concrete, viscosity modifiers, shrinkage-reducing admixtures, corrosion inhibitors, and fibers. Our world leading R&D center is developing products of the future. This center is also available to solve your unique concrete problems. Our technical service department is available to assist you resolve any operational issues as explore ways to improve your products. What differentiates Grace from other suppliers? We are one of the oldest and largest admixture suppliers in the world. We have been and continue to be an industry leader and bring new products to the market. This state-of-the-art technology is available to our customers. We share our training and marketing resources through our Team One program. Programs available include internet safety training, customized literature for branded mixes, co-op advertising and executive seminars.

6000 W 51st St
Chicago, IL 60638

Phone: 708-924-4771
Fax: 708-924-4767
Visit them at:

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Concrete cutting

Contact: John Budiac or Gregory Peplinski
1097 Fairfield Ct
West Bend, WI 53090

Phone: 262-675-2761
Fax: 262-675-6718


Build overhead cranes, job cranes, runways and full installations. Service and repair any and all makes of overhead cranes and hoists. We offer OSHA inspections and preventive maintenance programs. We will upgrade, move respan and design.

Contact: Leo Dewane
3825 West Mill Road
Milwaukee, WI 53209

Phone: 414-353-5387
Fax: 414-353-5336
Visit them at: