Spancrete® hollowcore plank is erected quickly year-round in all types of weather, making fast-track construction routine. A small crew can install up to 10,000 square feet per day. Once grouted, the plank serves as an immediate work deck for other trades. Plank surfaces require minimal preparation for pad and carpeting or other types of flooring. Textured paint or other ceiling materials can be applied to the plank bottom. Virtually unsurpassed in design flexibility, Spancrete® hollowcore plank's long spans allow for large, open interiors without obstructions or expensive support structures. Plank can also be angle cut and cantilevered to fit almost any artisitic vision.

One of the most remarkable competitive advantages of Spancrete precast concrete plank is its performance on life safety issues. Precast components and precast structural systems have demonstrated added value in fire safety, wind, flood and earthquake resistance, noise transmission and general occupant comfort.

Fire Safety

With ratings up to four hours, precast is unsurpassed for providing fire resistance and containment when incorporated into a comprehensive balanced design. Precast concrete does not burn or give off fumes in the hottest fires, and maintains its structural integrity resulting in more time to evacuate safely and extinguish the fire.

Weather Resistance

A precast system provides protection against hurricane-force winds; and prestressed concrete has recently been cited as being an effective barrier to damage from tornados as well.

Precast concrete is impervious to termites and dry rot, creating a structure that does not weaken over time.

Occupant Satisfaction

Because concrete reduces vibration, decreases noise transmissions, and creates a safer environment, occupants feel the solidity and inherent quiet and comfort such and environment provides.

Consequently, buildings constructed with Spancrete systems have higher occupancy rates, greater tenant satisfaction, better lease rates and outstanding resale values.

Low maintenance costs, lower insurance premiums, greater occupant satisfaction and higher resale values are demonstrated benefits of building with Spancrete. In addition, the durability of precast, prestressed concrete components means buildings last longer and look better over the long run.